Alex Baker-Whitcomb

The Problem:

How do I prepare for Facebook’s new changes? What can I be doing now to drive engagement?

The Solution:

Focus on video & user experience; Facebook Live, direct uploads, Facebook Watch, Groups and brand partnerships.

Interesting Stories/ Points:
  • Wired’s direct upload videos performed 3x better than linked posts in engagement and 2x better than photos
  • 90% of what will make your videos do well, is still the actual content
  • Square videos perform 2x better than wide angle
  • When Facebook launches a new feature, they give a bump in engagement to anyone using it
  • A rising tide floats all ships- the more engagement you receive on shared posts, the more your posts will increase as well.
  • Less than 10% of your audience will see anyone post, so recirculation is always something to consider
How To Get Started:
  1. Try out Facebook’s latest features the day they release:
    1. WIRED published a 360 video the day that Facebook released the feature, and it performed incredibly despite their lack of professionalism.
  2. Launch a Group:
    1. How to drive meaningful interactions in Facebook Groups:
  3. Leverage Facebook Watch:
    1. Why and how to use Facebook watch for business marketing.
  4. Consistently use Facebook Live:
    1. Top ways to use Facebook Live for your business.
  5. Think of 5-10 partner brands and find a way to work together:
    1. Dream big!
    2. Be willing to have unfair trades.
    3. Share your analytics.
    4. It is worth it.
    5. Six strategies for partnering with big brands:
  6. Create standardized video guidelines:
    1. Focus on the thumbnail; this is what you see first.
    2. Use a square video.
    3. Sizzle intro, the first three seconds is what catches people.
  7. Nail down your metrics; create a community, not clickbait:
    1. Your metrics must be in line with your goals.
    2. The 10 most important social media metrics to monitor.

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