Dillon Emry

The Problem:

Imagery is the most powerful form of content, and yet we aren’t using data to quantify why or why not something resonates with our audience.

  • 50% of CMOs admit they don’t know what it is about their creatives that generates awareness, engagement, and sales.
  • By 2020, ad spending on visual-led platforms will be 75% higher than on search.
The Solution:

Identify and tag all aspects of your images, and then compare engagement with them to identify which aspects are more important.

Interesting Stories:
  • A town in Japan had a crime problem, so they added blue lights in strategic locations to see if this would impact crime. The results of this experiment found that, with no other variables, crime decreased by 9% in the first year.
  • The New York Times did a study to see if a font could affect a reader’s trust. They found that “Baskerville” was the most trustworthy font and “Comic Sans” was the least trustworthy font.
    • Download Baskerville here.
  • See which Netflix icon they found had the highest engagement:
  • An interesting finding by a Picasso Lab’s customer: images without a subject’s head performed better than if their head was included.

How-To Overview:

SuccesslyLearn-005DillonEmry_V1 from Successly.io on Vimeo.

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