Andrew Tarvin is the founder of and has given over 500 speaking/training sessions on using humor within Sales & Marketing.

The average person spends 80% of their time in some form of active communication; humor is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

HOW TO: Use humor to build stronger relationships with prospects & get inspired!

Andrew mentioned “Friday shower thoughts” from the Hustle as an example.

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the Hustle (Presenter)

A dentist could try explaining all of her procedures in a long text ad or simply get the point across with two pictures.

Tarvin likes to mix random photos of himself into presentations to catch people off-guard…hey, life is short!


Squatty Potty – 35M views

Why are you are laughing right now? Animals just have a special place in our heart.

Here are a few examples Andrew shared:


“I think the key to being a good ghost is to act super natural”

“I want to write a book about aggressive winds but I can’t get past the rough draft”

“If I had to estimate the number of fist bumps I’ve given in my life, I’d say a ton. As in 2,000 pounds.”


Here is a great subreddit with a bunch of puns→

Reddit Puns

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