Sangram Vajre is the co-founder of Terminus, former head of marketing at Salesforce Pardot, author of Account-Based Marketing for Dummies, and host of the marketing podcast #FlipMyFunnel.

Less than 1% of leads turn into customers, meaning 99% of your traditional lead generation activity is wasted!

HOW TO: build trust with your “future customers” and unify Sales & Marketing to focus on engagement.

Marketing should be asking Sales, “hey, which target accounts should we focus on engaging this week?”

This is the scorecard that Terminus uses to unify Sales & Marketing→

ONETEAM scorecard

Here is Sangram discussing the scorecard

Morgan at Terminus was the fastest to go from SDR to AE. She did it by sending 3000+ personalized videos in less than 1 year.

Make your emails personalized with quick videos →

BombBombRehumanize your communication


Here is Sangram sharing Morgan’s story

This tactic starts a relationship 70% of the time. Even if they can’t attend the event, they will be very impressed!

If you sell to Marketers, here is a list of upcoming conferences →

2018-2019 Marketing Conferences

Sangram shared an example of a salesperson who summarized one of his podcast episodes. It led Sangram to spend 10 minutes on their website and convinced him to make them his first choice when in need of those services.

Search for your prospects podcasts →

Listen NotesPodcast Search Engine

Studies have shown that Amazon buyers are more likely to buy products with ratings of 4.3 or 4.5 vs. a perfect 5 — no one trusts a perfect score!

Get more authentic customer reviews →

AdvocatelyReview Management Platform
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