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Marc Babin is the Marketing Manager at The Westin Grand Cayman. He presented a 45-minute session at DigtalSummit Denver about his success with video blogging. 


Do video.

Why? He spent $8k on FB video Ads and got $500k in room revenue. It works.

Cool, how?

Start weekly video blogging (vlogging) and never miss a week. Don’t make it polished. Never stop iterating. 


Step 1: Decide on your Theme & Approach

Marc certainly has an incredible marketing asset working on a resort, but if you get creative, you can think of an exciting theme for your vlog. He started by highlighting different areas at the resort with a 5-minute video. Ask yourself, what would be fun and interesting for our prospects to see on a weekly basis?

  • Ideas for boring industries
    • Insurance: ridiculous claims that happened or how you helped someone in a tough situation
    • CPA Firm: time-saving tips when doing taxes 


Step 2: Identify the Best Equipment, but keep it Simple at First

Marc didn’t have any equipment other than an iPhone when he first started. He found that his audience preferred the authenticity of his videos. Here are a few options for equipment that will not break the bank.

  • Tripod– this is a must-have for self-recording
  • Drone/ Video Shots– This might not be necessary if you work for a CPA firm, but hey I am sure you would get some stunning shots! 
    • Video Blocks– If you are looking for more generic video shots, I would suggest buying a subscription instead of shooting it yourself; Cost $16.59/mo. (billed annually)
    • DJI Phantom 3– Cost $499.00

Step 3: Video editing 

  • Adobe Premiere– This is not easy to learn if you are new to video, but it is the gold standard, so there are tones of Youtube how-tos; Cost $20.99/mo.
  • iMovie- Great for beginners but you will hit the ceiling quickly; Cost $0.00 for Mac only
  • Camtasia– Cost $249.00 one time
  • Audioblocks– You have to have good music. Audioblocks has a wide selection of royalty-free audio; Cost $149.00/yr. for unlimited downloads


Step 4: Using Facebook Ads


Here is Marc’s full session with slides.

SuccesslyLearn-018MarcBabin_V1 from Successly.io on Vimeo.

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