Presented at Marketing Nation 2018

Todd McCormick

Yes, Todd is the CRO at Terminus (ABM Platform), so naturally, you would expect him to pitch you on their platform in a session about ABM. Although he does mention how he uses their tech, this is not a sales pitch. I believe he is sincerely telling his story of how they made the jump to ABM.

Todd’s ABM results after 90 days:

  • 125% conversion increase
  • 35% ACV increase
  • 20 day faster sales cycles
  • The company grew 2x during the next 6 months


1. Benchmark your Starting Point

Make sure to measure where you are before starting an ABM pilot program. Here is the template that they used. From here you can estimate what needs to adjust.

How can I research & estimate my conversion numbers quickly? –> InsightSquared

2. Setup a Basic ABM Scorecard

This makes it easier to articulate the value of the results. Here is the template that Todd used to get started. Click and it will take you to the Google Sheet.


3. Pick your Target Accounts & Narrow it Down

Okay, now for the fun part! ABM starts with targeting the right accounts because you can’t afford to give a high touch sales model to just anyone. Todd breaks it down into three parts: Fit, Intent, and Engagement.

  • Fit – What is my addressable market? Narrow down the high level demographic and firmographic data that you can derive from your existing best-fit customers.
    • How can I do this easily? –> Todd used Everstring (8:00 – 8:24)
  • Intent – Okay, you have your total possible fit companies so now you need to whittle them down to the ones that have shown interest.
    • How can I know who is ready to buy based on intent? –> Bombora (8:26 – 8:55)
  • Engagement – Once we have fit and intent, start running ads to everyone. The ones that show engagement can be referred to the SDR for outreach.
    • How can I automate this process? –> Todd used their own product Terminus


4. Setting up Triggers & Plays – What Happens when Something Happens?

When a target account engages with your ads or website, make sure that gets pushed to Sales quickly. The goal is that every action has a standard play for the SDR to run. Here is an example that Todd uses when an enterprise account engages.


5. Managing Personalization at Scale without Breaking the Bank

Todd is all about investing in personalization but he does it based on the account tiers. Yes, we all have a different value to Terminus depending on our tier. The goal is to get all prospects to tier 1. Here are their personalization levels and approaches.


Todd’s Tips

  • Establish a weekly sales & marketing meeting. If you want to be cool you can call it your Smarketing meeting.
  • Get the CEO, CFO, and entire go-to-market team on board, or just don’t do it.
  • Measure everything from day one, your CFO will repay you tenfold


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