Presented at Marketing Nation 2018

Chelsea Kiko & Chris Saporito

Stop! Do not read on unless you are using Marketo and trying to connect with your sales team more efficiently.

Chelsea and Chris gave a super detailed session about how to setup Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) to automate Sales notifications and processes. This session is great if you are looking to improve your ABM efforts and possibly implement MSI in the next few months. Otherwise, don’t hurt your brain because they go deep! Okay, now that we got that off our chest, let’s continue…


What is Marketo Sales Insight (MSI)?

The MSI add-on delivers real-time lead information to Sales so they can work smarter and more efficiently. Below you can see the 11 aspects that Chelsea and Chris dove into.


1. Setting up MSI, Let’s get it Going!

Chelsea gives you an overview of how to activate and customize MSI.

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2. MSI Plug-in for Outlook

Check out the benefits of the Marketo Outlook add-on and how to get started.

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3. Understanding the Layout in Salesforce

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4. Creating Template Emails for Sales

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5. Setting up Interesting Moments

Interesting moments are recent engagements from a lead. You can use Marketo to send the notifications to the appropriate Sales rep in real time. These are also stored under the opportunity and account level so the SDRs can have a highlight reel of recent engagements.

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6. The Power of Trigger Tokens

This helps you customize details to sales when you send information via an interesting moment.

Here is a list of the trigger links and where you can use them!

7. Timestamp Interesting Moments

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8. Sales Alerts

Notification style emails that will go to someone in your sales organization letting them know that something happened.

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9. Using Tokens in Sales Alerts

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10. Task Automation

This is another way to tag interesting moments or behavior and then send that task to the sales agent. 

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11. Document, Document, Document your Strategy

We all know that these triggers can get out of hand quickly so it is important that we document everything! Here is a template Google Sheet that Chris used.

(Click to download)


Implementation timeline; now go make it happen!

  1. Set up a discovery kick-off meeting internally with marketing
  2. Host a strategy alignment meeting with sales and ask them what they want to see, their priorities when following up with leads, and any extra info they’d like to have when contacting prospects
  3. Build, Build, Build – Build out your interesting moments with the alerts and tasks needed, build out any sales insight templates (think of templates for inside sales/inbound) – ask sales what type of emails do they repeatedly type out when following up or contacting prospects
  4. Test – Take yourself as a sample lead and go through the entire process of engaging and check out your record in your CRM to see how it looks to sales
  5. Hint: If there is a wrong token formatted in interesting moments, it will show on the lead detail activity record as ‘skipped – wrong token formatted’
  6. Go – Live
  7. Host a sales training
  8. Host weekly sales meetings for the first month or so and get their live feedback on the process
  9. Make changes as needed
  10. Expand and scale your strategy to have an even more robust process

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*Tools outlined in Orange were mentioned by the presenter.
*Tools outlined in Blue are Successly recommended (not sponsored).