Bradley Friedman is the head of client services at Lucky Orange, a #1 ranked lead conversion platform. His client list includes the American Red Cross and PacSun to name a few.

Last year, companies that improved their site conversion rates ran 50% more tests than those with no improvement — analytics is absolutely crucial for generating results.

HOW TO: Use website analytics to drive conversions instead of just traffic

There are countless reasons why your site may not be converting. Don’t rely on generalized expert advice (yes, we see the irony); only individual analytics can tell you precisely what you need to fix.

The Successly team has identified countless issues by watching user recordings→

Lucky OrangeAll-in-One Conversion Optimization



CrazyEggimprove what's working, fix what isn't

Sites that grew from 10 to 15 landing pages saw a 55% increase in conversions, yet less than half of marketers build a new landing page for each new campaign.

Pick a template and publish a new landing page in <10 min →

InstapageThe Industry's Best Landing Page Builder

57% of men prefer blue buttons, and placing your CTA below the initial fold could boost conversions by 220%. Keep experimenting to find what works for each audience.

Test your landing page effectiveness & get customized tactics to improve→

Landing Page Analyzer

But make sure you’re removing any bot traffic first, so you have accurate data — look for suspicious activity like 0 second session times.

Screen out webbots to increase accuracy →

Google Analytics

The average form has 11 fields, but reducing it to 4 can yield a 120% increase in conversions.

Create simple forms that have less clutter and engage your audience→

Typeformconversational forms & surveys

Invest in training a strong customer support team; sites generate 4.5X more conversions when visitors speak directly with a team member before making a purchase, not just during or after.

Add chat to your pricing page & have an available team member respond with a joint inbox →

Intercom Inbox

90% of people trust word-of-mouth more than any other kind of marketing. Offer a special deal on valuable products or services in exchange for broadcasted support from your top customers.

Turn your happy customers into five-star reviews→

AdvocatelyReview Management Platform
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