7 Tips to Generate Leads with Social Quizzes

Will Duderstadt is the VP of Marketing at M/I Homes Inc, the 13th largest homebuilder in the U.S. He has nearly 20 years of marketing experience, including several years with Apple.

Will used social media quizzes to collect leads at $1.37 each, leading to a $142 ROAS. This overlooked marketing tool can reap serious rewards.

HOW TO: Use quizzes to grab attention and collect information at a fraction of the cost

Invoking an emotion (like humor) is a great way to get people to stop scrolling and take your quiz. Whether they’re a good fit for your product or not, pay each quiz-taker a compliment with a flattering quiz result.

This is a great place to start experimenting with quizzes →


Some may drop off, but Will found that almost all quiz-takers will exchange their information for results. If they’re a good fit for your product, guide them to the next step of your funnel. Remember to include an option to share their results on social media.

Go through Will’s quiz to see how he incorporated humor while still collecting important information →

New vs. Resale Quiz

If quiz-takers aren’t a good fit for you, refer them to someone who is. These other companies will share your quiz on their social media and website because they’re involved in it.

This quiz platform lets you get a little more technical and can provide solid data to all parties →


In the house-building business, Will had to wait 7 months for 1 of his leads to close. Other industries will move faster, but give leads time to turn into customers before judging the quiz.

As a quiz addict, Will offered to take your quiz and provide feedback. See what he thinks! →


You can make a quiz for every occasion; just keep it fun and funny and you’ll keep collecting those leads.

Find new templates and quickly design quizzes, polls and other engaging content →


Will said his sales team complained that they weren’t ready for the leads he generated. Let them take the quiz before you bring it online so they know what to prepare for.

Some reps may want to automate certain tasks like follow-up emails before the onslaught →

Hubspot Sales Automation

How many cups of coffee do you prefer in the morning? Do you like ice cream? These rapid response polls can give you quick answers and increase post engagement.

Add these surveys to tweets or IG stories →


Instagram Stories

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