8 Techniques to Up Your Affiliate Marketing Game

Geno Prussakov has been an affiliate marketer since 2002. He’s a LinkedIn Learning video instructor on affiliate marketing and also the founder and CEO of AM Navigator, a leading affiliate management agency.

78% of CMO’s say affiliate marketing is their least-understood technique — don’t view it as a standalone marketing channel, instead use it as a tool to supplement all other channels.

HOW TO: Get the most out of affiliate marketing and boost your bottom line

Many advertisers let affiliates “test-drive” their products; personally using a product gives you a first-hand understanding of how it works and how to best market it.

Make a professional video showing off the new product →

Adobe Spark

Or boost exposure with quick videos that you can edit and share to IG on the fly →


SmartBargains.com got a 66.5% increase in conversions, a 44% revenue boost, and a 132% difference in new customers, all from co-branding.

Partner with related companies to mutually boost sales for both your products →

Hold onto commissions you’d otherwise lose when customers call the merchant directly. 70% of mobile users phone directly from search results without ever visiting the merchant’s site or clicking your affiliate link.

If your current network doesn’t have a pay-per-call program, start here →

PayPerCall Market

New to pay-per-call? Here’s how it works →  

Pay-per-call diagram

They know their target demographic best. Advertisers may also offer you content, but use it as inspiration rather than republishing it word-for-word — remember, Google hates duplicates.

See if your content is already published somewhere else →


Just make sure to disclose your affiliate relationship up front.

Here’s how Business Insider does it →

Hire a professional writer to make your high-profile releases really stand out →


If your primary advertiser is selling fishing tackle, join a program that sells bait! Not sure what works best together? Look at Amazon’s also bought/similar products.

Find merchants and products that complement each other →


If you use WooCommerce, this plugin makes cross-promotion easy →

Woo Related Products

Talk to competitors about embedding an affiliate link in retargeting ads. That way, when users abandon your site but go on to purchase from an advertiser’s competitor, you still get the commission.

Try retargeting them on a different platform →

Facebook Retargeting

For more affiliate marketing tips, see Geno’s blog post: 5 Practical Ways To Turbocharge Your Affiliate Marketing


March 12th-14th, 2019


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