Adi Shah is a premier inbound consultant at Hubspot, customizing automation to enhance lead generation and nurturing for elite businesses nationwide.

90% of consumers rate immediacy as critical for customer support responses; companies without effective automation are losing business.

HOW TO: Selectively automate to eliminate inefficiencies and boost customer service.

Helpful is more important than flashy — 40% of consumers don’t care if they’re being helped by a human or a bot, as long as they are getting what they need.

See where they are getting stuck with eye-tracking technology→

RealEyeSee exactly what your users see

Use your bot as your first line of defense to immediately respond to a frustrated customer, determine their problem, then direct them to the team member who can best solve it.

Checkout this app store for website bots →


Your bot is not a marketing email; make it as human as possible.

Here is a conversational bot template for multiple use cases→

Tars PPC Chatbot

In 2016, 57% of consumers reported they were interested in receiving information from bots while browsing — don’t miss an opportunity to engage new customers!

Here is a free lead capture bot that has a few templates to get started →

ArtiBot.aiAI lead capture tool

Continuously collect and integrate feedback from your customers, prospects and team members. If you program your bot and then just forget about it, it will do more harm than good.

If you use Intercom, visualize your messaging across the customer journey→

Woopra Customer Analytics

Bots aren’t magic. Be upfront with your customers when your bot makes mistakes, and be ready to quickly step in to mitigate their frustrations.

Respond from Slack when a prospect gets stuck using your Intercom chatbot→

Intercom to Slack Connection

Where is miscommunication happening? When are teams doubling up on tasks unnecessarily?

Track your team’s time and tasks in one spot to see what is slowing you down!

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