Veronica Romney is a multi-tasking marketing maven with 10 years of experience in the field. She’s co-founded 2 businesses — 1 in digital marketing, LoSoMo Inc., and another in personal branding.

The average CPC on Facebook is $1.72 vs. $15.42 on Google; there are active audiences that are ready to be engaged at a fraction of the price!

HOW TO: Go beyond Facebook basics to start targeting your perfect audience

Provide Facebook with the creatives and they’ll handle the rest. Veronica got 5X the clicks and lowered CPA by 30% with these dynamic ads.

Enlist the robots to find the Facebook ad style that works best for you →

Dynamic CreativeBuilding high-performing ads that deliver results

Ditch your last-click attribution model; give credit across your entire funnel.

You can see every touchpoint in Google Analytics to figure out where ads are most effective. Find out what’s working here → 

Google Analytics

Veronica recommends drawing it out in a bracket and whittling down your initial audience to find the “jackpots.”  Remember: behavior beats persona.

She walks you through the process step-by-step →

Veronica Romney | Unbounce Call To Action Conference – August 27-29, 2018

If someone spends 5 minutes reading your blog, prompt them for their email and use it to connect with them on FB. FB will use this data to find similar customers.

If you don’t already have an email subscription pop-up, get started here →

MailchimpGrow your list with custom signup forms

If someone sees a FB ad within 24 hours of opening an email, they are 22% more likely to purchase your product or sign up for that webinar.

Ads should be an essential follow-up to your email campaigns. Upload your new Mailchimp email lists to FB to target the ads →

Custom Audience

To protect privacy post-Cambridge Analytica breach, FB is stripping certain user data from its ads platform. However, this data will still be available in groups.

Create a group now and invite your contact list →

Facebook Groups

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