6 Ways To Build Healthy Habits

James Clear is the author of Atomic Habits and the creator of the Habits Academy. He helps people form habits that ripple out from the core, leading to a healthier life.

If you improve yourself 1% a day you will be 37X better at the end of a year. Tiny gains add up and creating new habits today can lead to big changes in the future.

HOW TO: Encourage healthy habits that lead to a better life

Positive people made healthier choices while negative people viewed deterioration as inevitable and did little to slow it.

Moral of the story? Identity leads to actions, actions lead to results →

Read the full study here 

Attitudes and Social Cognition

Write down a list of the top 25 things that you want to achieve in your career from most to least important. Did you write them down? Now, circle the top 5 and… Next Step

Try this to organize and prioritize your to-do list →

Eisenhower Box

Setting trigger reminders on everyday tasks is a great way to start new habits; e.g., “when I make my morning coffee, I will meditate for 60 seconds.”

Listen to this 2-minute exercise to find these triggers and attach new habits to them →

Track your online habits across devices and see where you’re spending (too much) time →

RescueTimeTime management software for staying productive

If you’re tired after work, the last thing you want to do is think about the whole 5K run you should do. Instead, frame it as simply needing to put on your shoes and lock the door behind you. Once outside, the friction holding you back from the run will diminish.

This free 5-day course helps you reduce friction and start new habits 1 step at a time →

Tiny HabitsLearn how habits works

People often choose something just because it’s presented — if the only option in the breakroom is Coke, people will drink Coke. If water is available right next to it, many people will opt for water instead.

Similarly, make less healthy options harder to access. → Start at 34:34

Sometimes, it’s best to just remove the bad choice entirely — block certain apps at certain times of the day to stay focused →

FreedomBlock websites, apps, and the internet

Feedback loops can be as simple as moving paper clips from 1 bowl to the next to keep track of how many calls you’ve made in a day, or crossing off days on a big calendar. Anything visual lets you see your progress (or lack thereof) easily.

This app helps you set daily/weekly/monthly goals and gives constant feedback along the way →

ProductiveBuild good habits. Organize your life.
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