Pat Oldenburg ABM Innovation Summit

Pat Oldenburg has worked for over 12 years in B2B marketing with companies like EMC and McAfee. He is the Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Operations at ServiceMax, which was acquired by GE Digital in 2017.

ServiceMax increased both their conversion rates and marketing-sourced pipeline by 200% utilizing algorithm-based content; the advantages of using AI in ABM cannot be ignored.

HOW TO: Utilize new technologies & AI to increase automation and target the right accounts

Telling higher-ups you want to cut your leads list from 16,000 to 2,000 to focus on quality will be shocking; give yourself time to incorporate the technology and test the system.

Quickly demonstrate ABM’s ROI→

ABM Internal Pitch Deck 

ABM ROI Calculator 

The algorithm uses SIC and NAIC codes to customize industry-specific landing pages and high-value pages. ServiceMax had an increase of 400% in time spent on site and a 70% drop in bounce rate after enlisting the algorithm to customize content.

ServiceMax also saw a 266% increase in conversions after personalizing their website→

Demandbase Targeting Solution

ServiceMax reduced response time from 10 days to 3 by automating the process.

After the initial set up, the computer takes care of the rest →

LeanDataRoute leads to right reps at the right time.

This AI bids for the best ad spaces for specific customers in real time, adjusting to any new data instantly.

Don’t miss an opportunity to get in front of your top tier accounts →

QuantcastFocus on growth

ServiceMax increased ad CTR by 377% after personalizing ads and targeting similar companies.  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
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