6 Steps to Boost Your SEO With Topic Clusters

David Khim is a senior growth marketing manager at Hubspot and global speaker on growth and customer acquisition strategies.

The practice of writing 1 blog per keyword is out-of-date and non-scalable. The future of SEO is using topic clusters to optimize for thousands of different queries simultaneously.

HOW TO: Reorganize your content into topic clusters and rank higher in search

This will be painful, but you must start over to truly implement the new strategy. Your current sitemap probably looks something like this →

You’ve got to remove the old links to prepare for restructuring it like this →

This exercise will help you solidify your brand identity and discover topics that your competition isn’t covering. Build site authority around these topics to grow your organic search rank.

Use surveys to narrow down the main challenges your buyer’s faces →


You may find there are several topics that you believe are key to your brand, but you don’t have a lot of content covering them — those are your hidden opportunities!

Create a simple spreadsheet to organize posts and find which categories you’re already covering, then do some keyword research to find new angles for future content →

Keyword Permutation Generator

You should already have a few pillars to reorganize your content around. You can start a new pillar with several long-form pieces, then pad it out with shorter content moving forward.

You must show your expertise through multiple posts to create an effective cluster. Link them together to guide search engine crawlers, and establish authority on that topic and its related keywords.

This is a manual process, but you can see if you have clustered effectively by tracking keyword rankings →

Google Search Console

This is a never-ending process to keep strengthening your main pillars and improve search ranks. Check in on newer cluster keywords weekly and do a quarterly deep dive to see how you’re ranking in pillar content.

Track these micro improvements and see what’s working →


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