Oil-Gardner-banner 6 Steps to Boost Your Content Marketing Conversion Rate

Oli Gardner is a Co-founder of Unbounce, a top-rated international speaker, and is so obsessed with perfecting conversions that he allegedly considered changing his name to ‘Landing Page.’

The average content marketing conversion rate is only 2%, so is it just a waste of time and money? According to Oli, not necessarily—but you’ll need your M.O.M. to save you.

HOW TO: Use M.O.M. (Marketing Optimization Math) to create & measure product-based content that boosts your conversion rates

Unbounce revamped their navigation bar to showcase their three products, started referring to products directly in their content, and saw blog conversion rates increase by 40-70%.

Measure the correlation between your various blog topics and CTA clicks in order to tweak your content towards conversions →

FullStorySearch your customer experience like you search the web

PIV = # of times people see any aspect of your product throughout your content, including all the features, benefits & customizations. Measure how product awareness leads to conversions.

Sound hard? Oli’s already built the tool in Google Tag Manager; all you have to do is set it up! (Warning: for a conversion master, his response time on this could be better) →

Oli’s PIV Program

In Oli’s tool, input timestamps of when your product features in your videos. Then categorize consumers by how many product views they’ve had and match it with their conversion rate.

If you aren’t already using it, Oli recommends Wistia for video marketing →

WistiaThe video platform built for marketers, by marketers

Use polls to engage your customers, reward their participation, and customize their site experience to boost conversions. Unbounce customers who converted interacted with content 117% more than those who didn’t.

Redirect to customized pages based on user response & pool the data in Google Analytics →

Lucky OrangeAll-in-One Conversion Optimization

More than 30% of visitors only go to your homepage to use your platform. Give them a quick update on what’s new when they click “Log In”:

Login Popup ScreenshotIf your analytics are treating these visitors as new traffic, then they’re totally wrong. Set up a CSS exclusion so you don’t track those logins →

HotjarThe fast & visual way to understand your users

Be respectful of your customers — don’t force them to interact when they don’t want to. Always ask yourself, is this interaction adding real value for my customer?

Analyze how you can improve conversions on your landing page →

Landing Page Analyzer
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