Google still controls 90% of search, but SEO is no longer just about click-throughs.


SEO wizard, Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz,, SparkToro, and author of multiple books shares how SEO is changing and what we need to do about it.

SEO; fewer clicks | the rich get richer


61% of searches on Mobile and 34% on Desktop get 0 clicks…yes nada…what?! As Marketers, we love to hate on Google for this, but as consumers, we love it because we get our answers sooner. We all intuitively knew that this is where things were going. Google is just trying to get our answer quicker.

Okay, but what should we do as Marketers? That is why we have called in Rand, the Wizard of all things SEO, who examined what the top sites do differently. You should probably consider a few of these.

16 companies in the world really dominate Google’s results, and you probably know 90% of them, so fight back by contributing content on their sites. Contribute as a guest blogger, create an Instructable, make a Pinterest board, or upload a video, etc. This isn’t rocket science, but sometimes it is the obvious things that we miss.

Focus on what your prospect is trying to do, not necessarily the words they write. Rand says that SEO is 75% intent and 25% keywords.

  • Get a list of questions your prospects are searching –>
  • Visit all the pages ranked in the top 10-20 results, and add tasks they are helping to solve
  • Prioritize the list with related searches, search suggests, and ranking competitors
  • Write a title/headline that covers the tops 1-3 and optimize the page’s layout to address that list in order of importance

Google denies it, but Rand says it anyway. Your domain name builds ranking authority over time within your area of expertise. Meaning, if your content did well in the past, your newest stuff gets a bump. Rand suggests that you craft a PR story that earns your site the right signals from bloggers, reporters, and other web influencers. If you do it right, they will amplify your content & build URL authority.

How can I find reporters and bloggers that need my content? –>

HAROgain valuable media coverage

These are the featured answers you get at the top when you ask specific questions. Yes, you want to be there. For some reason, I never question the validity of those answers. To increase your chances of being used keep your content short, add questions, and include a comparison word like “best of.” Fun Fact: there has been an 80% increase in “best” searches year-over-year

How can I predict & optimize my content for Snippets? –>

SEOmofosimulates Google's search engine results


If I am considering which movie to see, I will most likely get my answer without having to click on a website. I can make my decision with reviews and offers right there in the search results. Rand didn’t mention this, but we figured it would be a headstart in marking up your reviews and offers.

Google shows you how to markup a review & offer. Here is their testing tool to see what is working –>

Google Structured Data Testing Tool
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