Keenan is the founder of A Sales Guy Consultancy and is a Forbes Top 30 Social Sales Influencer. He is famous for his no-nonsense sales approach.

To paraphrase Keenan and put it lightly, “No one cares about you or your company” grab customer interest by directly addressing their problems and proving your product can make an impact.

HOW TO: Create problem-centric marketing & sales tactics that flip the script on your customers

Prove that you understand their position and build credibility by acknowledging the specific challenge(s) they face before introducing your product.

Iterate on this introductory email template to fit your product →

Keenan’s Killer Email Example

Hi Jim,

We’ve found that many organizations struggle with <insert problem>, and because of that, it’s causing <Impacts of the problem>.

If you’re struggling with this challenge I’d like to suggest a 30-minute call to explain how we may be able to address these issues and what’s causing them. This <root cause of problems> can be solved to help you create <new outcome> in your business.

We look forward to talking with you soon,


“You’re losing 250K a year and our product can make that go away for 3K a month; I’m confused about why you haven’t already moved forward on this.”

Create an ROI calculator→

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Infomercials have mastered this technique: “Do you constantly have Tupperware falling in your face? Try this nifty cabinet organizer!”

Learn the best selling questions based on 12 years of research & 35K sales calls →

SPIN Selling Summary 

Full Book aka Old School 

If they complain about the price or missing features they’d like to see, kindly remind them that they won’t be in business by the time the feature is added if they keep delaying.

Record notes on all of your potential customers to your CRM while still in Slack→

TroopsBring Salesforce to Slack

When a month has passed and the deal still isn’t done, flip their own words on them: “You said you had the goal of adding 500K in revenue by the end of the year, how is that goal coming along?”

Build trusted relationships with your customers→

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