5 Ways to Accelerate Your Sales & Marketing Game

Tyrona Heath is the global lead of market development at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and has worked for over 10 years in media solutions with companies like Google and IBM.

Only 3% of cold calls lead to conversions; incorporate these cutting-edge tools that will get you up to speed.

HOW TO: Optimize your LinkedIn to close more deals.

The website tag gathers data on visitors, spots patterns and fetches professional traits from LinkedIn to paint a picture of your key audiences.

Combine the data you collect with the information that visitors publish →

Linkedin Website Demographics

If you have a relationship with someone and they go to a new company, maybe you can make the sale again.

Sales Navigator’s Deals keeps track of key stakeholders and updates your CRM immediately →

Linkedin DealsMaster Your Pipeline

Decision makers accept invitations to connect 51% of the time when they have a common connection with you.

Find popular content that your company posts and share it to make more connections →

Linkedin ElevateBuild your reputation by sharing smart content

Are you more likely to open a message in your cluttered inbox, or a direct message from a contact on LinkedIn?

Send messages to people who aren’t contacts→

Sponsored InMailSend personalized messages to the people who matter

You can even see who people forward your presentations to and add them to your circle of buyers and contact list.

The days of 5 attachments are over →

PointDrivepersonalize and track communication
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