5 Tactics to Be Featured as a Google Snippet Presented by Colleen Harris

Colleen Harris has over 15 years of experience in website design and SEO. She recently helped 7,000 automotive websites shift toward Rich Snippets on Google.

Structured data and schema are the business cards of the 21st century; businesses must use them effectively to land in the top search results and be featured as a Snippet.

HOW TO: Optimize your site with structured data and land in a Snippet

Don’t be spammy and mark up everything, but do let Google know what’s important for searches. If someone searches “phone number for Steve the mechanic at SuperCarMan” and you have marked up accordingly, you will be the ONLY search that could be featured in a Snippet.

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41% of featured snippets are question-related and average snippets are only 46 words long; write answers accordingly.

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Google says JSON-LD structured data helps them understand the content of your page; you can’t argue with that.

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Introduction To Structured Data

Find popular keywords with less competition outside of the top 10 results and ensure that those keywords actually feature Snippets.

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Google will tell you exactly what they don’t like, and the Search Console provides tons of data on what your customers are searching for–which you can use to mark up your website!

Google Search Console
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