5 Steps to Join the Streaming Revolution with Targeted Ads

Brian Stempeck has over 10 years of experience in business strategy and development, and is currently the chief client officer at The Trade Desk.

3 in 4 homes with broadband internet have an OTT (over the top) device connecting their TV to the internet. Streaming is mainstream — get with the Connected TV program.

HOW TO: Capitalize on the shift from cable to CTV and reach the next generation of viewers

Cable is still king, but there’s a steady decline. Not buying CTV ad space today would be like not buying CBS ad space in 1978 — it deserves some budget!

Start by putting ads on streaming services that are skinny bundle providers, and advertise on the smaller network packages that align with your audience →

Verizon Fios

The information is collected from CTVs exactly like any other webpage, meaning you can instantly tell how well campaigns are doing while controlling which audiences see them.

Combine your own data with 3rd party data to find and buy the perfect audience →

Oracle Stream Analytics

DSPs have a lot more information than just age and gender. Making a large deal up front incentivizes them to find you the best audiences and share more information.

Prepare for the negotiation ahead of time →

Negotiation Planning Checklist

CTV ads will sometimes appear multiple times in the same stream. Luckily, you can set caps; e.g., only show my ad 5 times per screen per month.

All DSPs should offer this option. Brian didn’t toot his own horn, but they offer great CTV services →

The Trade Desk

When you’re advertising on several different mediums, it can be hard to tell what’s actually working. You need the full picture to optimize your ad budget.

This platform does just that, and they use audience data to facilitate deals between ad buyers and sellers →


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