One of Search Engine Journal’s 50 Incredible Women in Marketing and a self-identified content marketing unicorn, Brittany Berger has almost a decade of experience leading content marketing teams.

Most marketers overwhelm themselves by trying to constantly create new content which feels increasingly stale, all while sitting on a goldmine of material that is slowly wasting away.

How To: Succeed at content marketing without creating anything new

The stars of the TV show Friends each still receive $20 million annually just from daily reruns on various networks, despite the show ending almost 15 years ago.

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Arrested Development redid their entire Season 4 using existing footage to spark audience interest before launching Season 5.

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The movie Clueless spun off into a series of 21 books to capitalize on the cult sensation.

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Repackage content from across your different media sources — an SEO article from your site, an SEO video from Youtube…

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Brittany sees countless marketers get excited about the idea of remixing, but ultimately remain slaves of endless content creation.

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