5 Reasons to Treat Your Site Visitors Like They’re Drunk

Becky Davis is the director of UX and CRO at Tranzact. She’s an analytics-based conversion expert.

Your site visitors are drunk! Or they may as well be — they’re lost, distracted, lazy, and at times, strangely irrational. So how do you guide them towards the desired action?

HOW TO: Make the world’s greatest pub crawl of a website to guide visitors & boost conversions

Becky’s “guided experience” landing pages boosted conversions 80% by leading visitors from problem awareness to product awareness to decision-making with no room for distractions.

Drunk-proof your page with Becky’s worksheet →

Drunk-Proof Website

Even the most boring industries can be redesigned for a fun, easy experience.

Don’t believe us? Check out Lemonade Insurance →

LemonadeForget Everything You Know About Insurance

Becky increases conversions 10% just by adding this small step. If they want to chat, don’t pitch them, just listen and build empathy by asking open-ended questions about their pain points.

Here’s a 6-min video complete with a basic script to help you get started→

You can do phone interviews, but chat pop-ups are probably the most efficient →

Zendesk ChatEngage using Proactive Triggers

Don’t scare them off with a 30-min application process or a mandatory demo. Try auto-filling default settings and pushing longer texts towards the bottom. Anything to make it smoother.

If you’ve got to include a form, at least make it a smart one →

ClearbitDo more with smarter forms

They’re not stupid, they just have short attention spans. They’ll follow a pathway if you clear it, shorten it, and make it fun and easy to walk down.

Check your visitor recordings to see where they’re getting confused and leaving →

SmartLookGain behavior insights with visitor recordings
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