5 Data Hacks to Scale Your Ad-Based Revenue

Todd Saunders is a former Googler, a founding member of the Accelerated Growth team, and the current CEO of AdHawk. He specializes in taking the mystery out of online advertising.

It takes 9 clicks to see where your spending goes in Google Ads, but once you find that data… then what? Start using it like a data scientist to boost your bottom line (no degree required!).

HOW TO: Collect and use Google Ads data to drive predictable, scalable revenue

Get all of your data in one spot to see where your MQLs and SQLs are actually coming from, whether it be search, phone calls or standard lead forms.

This AdHawk template will help you get all of the relevant data into Ads. Once it’s connected, be sure to automate the updates! →

Import Template

While you’re at it, get all of your devices playing nice together →

IFTTTget all your apps and devices talking

If more people are searching for you on mobile phones near universities, increase your bids in those locations by 20-30%, taking from areas that aren’t as popular.

If you haven’t been checking the report, here’s where to find it →

Search Terms Report

The rules let you keep a tight grip on what the AI bids on, and scripts can help you automatically control bidding down to a change in the weather.

Not a coder? There are plenty of free scripts that you can copy and paste →

Free Adwords Scripts 

There’s no guesswork with keywords. Let the data decide what keywords & Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to focus on. Again, increase the bids by 20-30%, reallocating from the losers.

Find keywords through Broad Match Modified Search Campaigns and zero in on the top performers with Exact Match Campaigns

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