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Rich snippets have decreased organic CTRs while also physically pushing results lower on the page; it’s now more important than ever to find real estate on Google’s first page.

HOW TO: Create content that gets featured as a rich snippet on Google

Google is looking for the BEST answer to any given search. Stop trying to cheat SEO with simple hacksinstead focus on creating content that truly adds value.

Here are seven in-depth interview questions to create world-class content   

Content Idea Interview Questions

31% of featured snippets rank #1. Continually tweak your content to always provide the most relevant information and stay ahead of your competitors.

Find all the possible questions around a topic to optimize your content


The average featured page has a Mobile Friendly Score of 95/100, and a 96/100 for overall usability.

Make sure each page looks great on mobile    

Mobile-Friendly Test 

Popular schemas include paragraphs of 40-60 words, and lists greater than 8 lines that Google then truncates; over a third of snippets contain images, particularly landscapes.

See Google’s documentation on marking up your content  

Mark Up Content Items

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