4 Steps to Maximize Your Growth Post-Conference

Jen Geale is the co-founder & head of marketing at Mountain Bike Direct. She was named one of Internet Retailing’s Top 50 People in eCommerce in 2018.

It’s Sunday night and you’ve just returned home from an amazing conference — you’ve met inspiring people and learned incredible ideas! …Now what?

HOW TO: Maximize your conference experience and take action NOW

When you roll into work that first day back, your inbox is going to be full of polite follow-ups and fires that started while you were gone. Extend your out-of-office, close the door, and focus.

Sunday night: schedule blocks on all your distracting websites, apps, and email so you can dive into Monday completely undistracted →

FreedomBlock websites, apps, and the internet

Don’t get sucked into that initial impulse of, “all of those were such good ideas, I need to start implementing right now!” Take a moment to actually think through what will get you closer to your goals and what will just distract you.

Share the strategies that you generated on Monday and, as a team, decide which ideas are truly going to help move the business forward.

Bring your whiteboard online & develop your strategies with your remote team in real-time →

RealtimeBoardPlan and share your vision with your team

That being said, don’t bite off more than you can chew! Identify and execute on each of these 4:

1 Quick Win you can accomplish by the end of next week
1 Idea to Investigate in the short-to-medium term
1 Person from the conference to contact and move forward with
1 Big Picture Idea to work towards in the long term

Once you’ve executed those 4 you can add another 4, but only after FINISHING the first set.

Plan the project’s timelines and put your deliverables straight into your G Suite →

GantterCreate and edit project schedules and gantt charts collaboratively

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