Stella Garber is the head of marketing at Trello. Since she began in 2014, the company has grown from 4 to 35 million users and from 15 to 150+ employees, 70% of whom work remotely.

Over 80% of telecommuters report lower stress levels and higher morale, while 66% of managers report increased productivity — it’s time to join the remote revolution.

HOW TO: Hire, grow and lead a remote team to maximize productivity and strengthen workplace culture.

Without it, remote workers will feel ostracized. At Trello, if even one person in a meeting is remote, everyone calls in through their personal laptop from the conference room in order to maintain equality.

Stella is a die-hard Zoom fan for group conference calls →


The #1 most important tool is project visualization, which allows everyone to see how their individual work helps the team progress towards the larger goal/product.

Get a weekly pulse from your distributed team→

FridayMeasure happiness, not engagement.

Stella’s team members communicate anything important 3 times through 3 different avenues to ensure that it’s heard (i.e., through Slack, during the meeting, and on the project board).

If you haven’t heard of this, you might be living under a rock 😉 →


Assign a “meeting lead” to keep it close to the agenda and avoid going down rabbit trails.

Set up a weekly meeting board for your team to add cards on topics to discuss →

Successly Meeting Board

At Trello, all remote workers need a dedicated office space with a closed door and designated childcare. Everyone is also required to login between 12 – 4 EST every day, regardless of time zone, to provide a consistent window for all-team meetings.

Let your team expense office supplies using Slack→

ExpenseTron Bot

The baseline trust found in an office needs to extend equally to remote work. Don’t monitor your remote workers with undue suspicion just because you can’t keep a direct eye on them.

Quickly schedule weekly meetings with your team without going back and forth →

Calendlyschedule meetings

Get creative in promoting a culture of fun through your virtual resources. Trello teams have various social channels, including the outfit of the day, dog people, and the team water cooler.

Check out this awesome trick to insert GIFs into Slack Messages →

Slack Giphy Integration


Give everyone a role in planning the annual event so they take ownership for its success.

Organize the event with your team →

Event Planning Board

Remote work enables enormous diversity within your team, but the one commonality should always be core values.

Determine your core values →

Core Value Worksheet

Devote extra time to the virtual onboarding process to track their progress and troubleshoot as needed.

Track their onboarding step-by-step →

Employee Onboarding Template

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